Should students need to wear uniforms in

Should students need to wear uniforms in school, is it necessary.

There are many advantages but also disadvantages whether teenagers who go to school should wear school uniforms. Uniform is one of the best features of each high-school. Uniforms help to erase all the difference between richer and poorer students, putting them all on a more equal footing. But on the other hand students can feel that their uniforms are too boring and doesn’t show their personality or their style well enough and that for certain schools, uniforms can be expensive especially if it is a larger family they are being bought for. An advantage of uniforms would be that all students are wearing similar clothing so no one will feel as if they don’t look good, enough or that they have to impress anyone. Students would probably feel this way if it were a non-uniform school and would be under stress trying to buy new clothes every week or month to impress their classmate.

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So having a uniform is beneficial to certain people as they may not be as well of as other and won’t be able to afford new clothes all the time.I think this is a very strong point as I agree that students wouldn’t feel pressured to impress their friends with their new clothes, and a uniform as uniforms only have to be renewed every month or so. When we see a student at the street or on the media we can tell where he/she is studying by the uniform that he/she is wearing.Another advantage of uniforms would be that they look smart and respectable, which can give the impression that the student goes to a great school and that he/she is quite intelligent.

Furthermore some schools that doesn’t have a dress code their pupils look casual and it doesn’t look they even go to school. In addition to that when schools have a non-uniform day, it can be more exciting because it’s a day where they can show their non-school clothes. I strongly agree with this point because students do look more sensible in a uniform rather than casual attire, and I also agree that when schools do have a non-uniform day that they want to look nice and show off their designer clothes whereas at a school which has no dress code they have probably already worn their designer clothes to school, so they would resort designer clothes to school, so they would resort to buying even more clothes to impress which will cost fortune.