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Shammi Akter SukhiIqbal-E-RasulLanguage and Composition 14 July 2018Women RightsHillary Clinton is a well-known politician, and the First Lady of United States who has talked about women and their fundamental rights as a human being in the fourth world conference of women in the United States.

Her speech has become an admirable speech among people, especially women. Human being are the most rational creation on earth, and women are a special part of that which may not be ignored by any chance. However, in most cases, women has been neglected from their certain rights.

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Even, their rights have not been considered as human rights rather it has been introduced as women rights. Basically, women rights are not exceptional from human rights, but most people, especially people who are underdeveloped communities may not think this way. However, developed communities also find differences between human rights and women rights.

Hillary Clinton has interpreted women and their rights in her special speech in the world conference of women. She has used many rhetoric modes to demonstrate clearly women rights and many more. Therefore, the use of ethos, pathos, and logos have made people to think deeply about women rights, freedom and several aspects of their life. In Hillary Clinton’s speech, she used the rhetoric mode ethos which showed the audience that she has observed so many situations from the perspective of a women’s although she was a first lady of the United States.

Clinton mentioned that she has attended many conferences where many more delegates, members including Clinton, they talked about the health issues of women and girls and other significant aspects of their life. In addition, women should have equal rights to what other human being has to promote women’s freedom as human being. Again, she has mention in her speech, and one renowned author has analyzed as ethos “Over the past 25 years, I have worked persistently on issues relating to women, children, and families. Over the past two and a half years, I’ve had the opportunity to learn more about the challenges facing women in my own country and around the world” (Carlson).

She talked about different countries women who unconditionally work for their family in both outside and inside of their home. Women who sacrifices their own wishes just to fulfill their family members’ wishes or demands. Even, after doing all these they do not get chance to take decisions for their families and their own self as well.

Sometimes, women do abortion against their will or being forced to do that and these kinds of violence has become a common for women by their own family members. Instead of their equal rights as human being, they are being torture, violated, and dominated even from their closest. Hillary Clinton has used these examples which has mentioned earlier that shows ethos because those example show the real life of women in several countries. Next, Clinton also has used pathos in her speech to show the audience vulnerable women’s life and their rights.

Women face so many problems in family and their societies too in both physically and mentally from their birth time. According to Carlson’s analysis essay, “It is a violation of human rights when…” Which means, as a girl or woman in society or family, they suffer from many discriminations just because they are women. Women are the half of total population, and they need to treat equally as other human being of the world. Only then, there would be development of a nation, country and world as well. Most women do not get their basic rights from their societies, even from family which is so disappointing.

At least, they should have freedom or rights to take decision for their own betterments, like education, health care or other aspect of their life. These kinds of irrational attitude towards women is just increasing. Women are being treated too badly as they are not even human being, no one cares about their personal or professional life. Hillary Clinton has talked about all these violence what women face in their everyday life, and the way they continue their life with so many struggles. Sometimes women kill them when they cannot tolerate those violence any more.

Women, this identity has given them so much pain in their life which are really suffocating to live with as human being. Women and their rights are valueless within families, societies, and countries. In some situation, they remain less or unpaid even they work more than a man. Hillary Clinton has emotionally talked about against all these violation with multiple examples which would work against these injustice towards women.Another rhetorical appeal logos also has included in Hillary Clinton speech on world conference of women. She has logically explained all the inequalities against women rights. In addition, she used several examples of the life of vulnerable women who continuously fight within and outside of their family just to have independence as human being.

Again Carlson mentioned that “if the term ‘women’s rights’ were to be interchangeable with the term ‘human rights’ the world community would be a better place because human rights effect the women who raise the world’s children, care for the elderly, run companies, work in hospitals, right for better education and better health care.” As long as there will be differences among women and human rights, there will not be any improvement. Clinton has explain this kinds of issues regarding women life logically to make audience feel about the reality of women’s life.

She has rationally talked that there is no difference between women and human rights. Women should get equal rights what a man get and that is fair and at the same time it is equal for all human being. Women deserve respect, legal rights and full dignity for their choices, wishes for them and for their family too. Only then, there would not be inequalities, and discriminations. In conclusion, Hillary Clinton and her inspirational speech about women rights make people think deeply about women life.

In fact, women are neglected from very beginning of their life, and their life is full of struggles. However, women and human rights are equally important for the development of a nation. Of course, women rights should not be denied form anyone and that would be the main fact for development of a family or nation. Therefore, the violation, inequalities or discrimination of women rights should be dismissed in order to have a flourish family, country or world. ?Works CitedClinton, Hillary Rodham.

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