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Scott Russel Sanders is an author who writes in a variety of genres. These genres include science fiction, folktales, children’s stories, essays and novels. He is a professor of English at Indiana University. In his essay, “The Men We Carry in Our Minds”, discusses about his personal viewpoint of the conflict of gender equality after witnessing the harsh lives of the people he had grew up with. He explains that men at the time had little choice on their future, and that they would mostly survive if they were either a factory worker, farmer or a soldier and has believed in becoming one of the three. Sanders witnessed men working all day long without any free time to spare. This causes Sanders to believe that women had an easier life since they wouldn’t be risking their lives working in a factory or becoming a soldier. Instead, they stayed at home with the children and took care of the household, except it was still the men’s responsibility for making sure that the bills were paid on time, food was on the table, and family’s safety. On the other hand, Judy Brady’s essay, “I Want a Wife” is about how women think men act and feel. She lists the responsibilities of a typical wife in the 1970’s and tells the readers about the treatment of wives. She uses a sarcastic tone when describing a man’s point of view and how easy it would be to be a man rather than a woman. The purpose of the two essays is to recognize that man and women go through hard situations equally, but is believed that one gender thinks they go through a lot more than the other.

In the essay, “The Men We Carry in Our Minds” by Scott Russel Sanders, discusses about the life of his surrounding people around the mid-century, how men basically worked all day while women just stayed home all day. Witnessing the men work, he would base his future off of what he saw until getting a scholarship. He moved away to a University and that’s where he realized that not only men but women struggle as well since they are discriminated against.

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