Scientific designed from scratch, it’s hard to

Scientific evidence such as the poor design of human beings shows us that God does not exist. The anatomy and physiology of the human body are far away from perfect. We are susceptible to diseases; our bones break easily, and our organs can only do so much. The human eye, for example, is a marvel, but if it were to be designed from scratch, it’s hard to imagine it would look anything like it does (Lents, 2015).

the human body is a product of millions of years of evolution and not from a God. if it is in fact from a God, he is not perfect and does not deserve our worship.Another scientific evidence opposing the existence of God is the inaccuracy of creationism, creationism is the belief that about five thousand to seven thousand years ago God created the earth and all its components.

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But archeologists keep finding fossils that date back millions of years. Recently, an international team of paleontologists, which includes the University of Bristol identified the world’s oldest lizard. The fossil of the lizard was dated to be 240 million years old. these types of findings contradict the belief in creationism and clearly shows us that God does not exist.Evidence of the inexistence of God is not limited to science alone, cultural evidence also provides us with some arguments.

One of such arguments is that the belief in God is socially determined.