‘Satyagraha’ was introduced by Gandhi as a concept that played a major role in the struggle against British imperialism. Ever since many other activists adopted the ideals of Satyagraha. The word ‘Satya’ translates as ‘Truth’. ‘Graha’ translates as ‘Truth force’, this means the force created by the practice of truth.

The practice of Satyagraha is associated with the benefits of the use of nonviolence. According to this Gandhis concept, practitioners of Satyagraha, also called satyagrahis, achieve moral and correct instincts in the sight of tough and evil situations by adhering to nonviolent thinking in the mind and by seeking truth in the spirit of peace and love. In doing so, satyagrahis are able to fully understand the paradigm of Truth. Satyagraha being a political philosophy propogated and praticed by Gandhi along with his followers.

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