RESEARCHMETHODOLOGY&COMPANYPROFILERESEARCHDESIGN:DescriptivestudySOURCE trading system which offered the easy trading

RESEARCHMETHODOLOGY&COMPANYPROFILERESEARCHDESIGN:DescriptivestudySOURCE OF DATA: the source of data is classified into primary and secondary data.Secondary data: It is the kind of data which is already collected by an individual or an organization for the purpose of some research study.The data for this study has been collected from various sources like:Internet,books,journals,NSE,BSE.STATISTICALTOOLS: Standarddeviation.Mean VarianceNSE was set up and started in the early 1990s to bring transparency in the stock markets.

The National Stock Exchange of India Limited is the leading stock exchange in India, which is located in Mumbai. The NSE was established in the year 1992as the first demutualized electronic exchange in India. In stock market NSE was the first stock exchange to provide modern exchange in the country, fully automated electronic trading system which offered the easy trading facility to the investors spread across the India. Vikram Limaye is managing director and chief executive officer (MD, CEO) of India.In India retail investors had invested their savings in stocks either through mutual funds or direct purchase of equities.

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According to committee report which was given by Bimal Jalan and this committee have estimated that barely 1.3% of India’s population invested in the stock market as compared to 10% in China and 27% in the USA .