Qualitative research and quantitative research are completely

Qualitative research and quantitative research are completely distinct and have its own purposes.

First, qualitative research is more on exploring and social experimentations. It aims students or researchers to understand reasons and motivations, to be observant and be more focused. Qualitative research concentrates on the “why” questions rather than the “what” questions of social experiments. The knowledge in qualitative research is subjective since it tackles more on personal experiences of the respondents. Some common methods under qualitative research are interviews, case studies, focus groups, etc.

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, which usually collect data or information. With that, researchers can also find ways and solutions to their study with the help of the respondents’ answers or experiences. Usually, this occupies in small group of respondents. Second, based on the word itself, quantitative research helps researchers to quantify – meaning to calculate the quantity, with the use of mathematical and statistical equations.

It concentrates on quantifying behaviors and opinions, collecting data, and generalizing the results from large sample of participants. In data collection, the quantitative methods are more structured than the qualitative methods, and under quantitative methods are the surveys, interviews, SIP, etc. Now that the qualitative research and quantitative research are differentiated and identified, next thing to discuss is the importance of qualitative research. Qualitative research is a way of understanding social relations, personality traits of one being, etc. It also brings respect to the respondent’s reason or motive.

It can also add the interest of the researcher to his or her study.