Prior the king but her vulnerability to

Prior to the death of Duncan, Lady Macbeth’s ambition was stronger than Macbeth’s, so too is her guilt, and the second her conscience kicks in is when she begins her fall into madness.

Throughout the play, Lady Macbeth is portrayed as an evil character who values wealth and power over human life and her ability to influence her husband leads the audience to believe that she has a major role in the death of King Duncan. As the play progresses, we see Lady Macbeth transform from a passionate and strong woman into a woman who believes that her and Macbeth’s crime will be masked by Macbeth’s newfound power as king. Despite, her great ambition what Lady Macbeth underestimates probably isn’t the crime of killing the king but her vulnerability to guilt as her pretended strength diminishes as she fights the torments of her conscience.The immoral choice that one makes not only leads to the destruction of oneself but also greatly affect the one’s surrounding.

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