Politics they had many water gods, whom they

Politics has come to the modern world from ancient Greece .

When elections were held, people were paid for their participation in them. It is for this reason that all the inhabitants of Greece actively participated in the elections. And that was the beginning of democracy.

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Interesting facts about ancient GreeceThe ancient Greeks were not so fearless as the story describes. They were very afraid of water, most of them did not know how to swim . They sailed on ships only along the shore. On the basis of this fear, they had many water gods, whom they prayed for help, and salvation if they were far from the shore.Interesting facts about ancient GreeceAncient Greece is the birthplace of the theater . But the Greek theater was very different from modern.

All the performances were very tragic, they had a lot of death and suffering. Only men could play in the theater, they played both male roles and also women’s roles. To go to see the productions, too, could only men.Interesting facts about ancient GreeceThe Greeks had special armor, they were called “linotorax” . Such armor was made from flax in several layers.

These armor were really unique, they excellently protected from sword and bow attacks.Interesting facts about ancient GreeceThe ancient Greeks were absolutely not shy, they were not ashamed . For quite a long time the participants of the Olympic Games ran absolutely naked. This happened after one of the runners slept a loincloth, and he ran the distance naked. Yes, and in normal life, they could afford to walk naked.Interesting facts about ancient GreeceAt the first Olympic Games there was only one competition – running .

Interesting facts about ancient GreeceThe rich, wealthy Greek women, it was not accepted to study and work . Their favorite occupation was to look at jewelry.Interesting facts about ancient GreeceWomen who were educated, intelligent, were called “hetaera” . Such women were not valued, they were not even wanted to marry.Interesting facts about ancient GreeceThe Ancient Greek philosopher Plato was an athlete .

He participated in the Olympic Games, namely in the contest of the struggle, and even twice won them a victory.Interesting facts about ancient GreeceOur modern word school came from the Greek language . Only then in ancient times it had another meaning. For the Greeks, this was leisure, and rest. In public places in Greece, benches were made, they were made for people’s recreation, in such places there were always crowds of citizens.

Over time, different speakers began to gather there, they had many listeners. In such conversations, there were many disputes and discussions, and this became a permanent tradition. So there was a need for an educational institution, a school.Interesting facts about ancient GreeceThe Greeks were devout, believed in the afterlife . According to their beliefs, in order to get into the world of the dead, the shadow or soul of the deceased must pass through some of the rivers surrounding the kingdom of Hades. The carrier of the shadows was called Charon.

For his services, he took a charge from every shadow. To the shadow could cover the cost of transportation, the relatives of the deceased, put a coin under his tongue. If a coin was not placed, the soul of the deceased was doomed, she could not enter the realm of the dead.

Interesting facts about ancient GreeceThere is a legend that all the goddesses of Greece had blue eyes . And all the Greeks mostly had brown eyes. Women wanted at least a little bit like goddesses, and for this purpose copper sulphate fell into the eyes.

The eyes from this really acquired a blue tint, but on health it had a very negative effect.Interesting facts about ancient GreeceThe name of the precious stone Amethyst was invented in Greece . The meaning of this word is not intoxicating. The ancient Greeks made amethyst vessels for wine, and it was thought that if you drink from such a vessel, it is impossible to get drunk.

Interesting facts about ancient GreeceIn ancient Greece, the national currency was drachma . And what is most interesting, it was changed to the euro only in 2002, it turns out that the drachma lasted for nearly 3000 years the main volition of civilization.Interesting facts about ancient GreeceAncient Greece was not one single state . Every city in Greece had its own laws, rules, army.

Very often conflicts arose between cities and misunderstandings.