Personal in Tidaholm. Of course I was very

Personal Narrative
I am going to write about the time our team won a tournament. So this was around April last year, our coach had informed us that we would play a tournament in Tidaholm. Of course I was very excited and happy that we would play a cup because we hadn’t played a cup since July 2016. Our team had some practices to prepare for the cup but also some friendly games against other teams. Around one or two weeks before we were supposed to leave. Our coaches wrote a packing list to us.

This is the day of departure. I packed everything I was supposed to pack and my friend’s father came and picked me up from the parking lot close to me. As we were on the way to Tidaholm, I had a feeling that I forgot something and then it came to my mind that I forgot my goalkeeper gloves as I play as a goalkeeper. So I told my friends father that he had to turn back because I forgot my gloves. He drove back to our home and I rushed home to look after my gloves. I couldn’t find my gloves at home so I thought that I had put my gloves in I the bag. And I did not check if I had put my gloves in the bag so I ran back to the car and he drove to Tidaholm. So when we arrived in Tidaholm I opened the trunk because I had put my bag there. I checked for my gloves and they weren’t there so I got a bit worried but I was lucky that we had another goalkeeper in the squad. The match length were 2×20 minutes so I would usually play the first half and the other goalkeeper would let me use his gloves and he would play the second half.

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During the group stage we won all our matches except one and that was the home team, Tidaholm GIF. We lost that game with 2-0 due to poor communication between our players and a player got a red card. Because we came 2nd in our group we had to qualify to play either playoff A or playoff B. Basically playoff A is where all the teams play who finished 1st in their group so in playoff a there is usually only good teams. In playoff B it is the opposite. So in the qualifying game we won against Hvetlanda with 4-1 and we got qualified to playoff A. Out of luck we got the chance to play semifinals instead of quarterfinals. In the semifinals we played against Alingsås IF, a very good team. A summary of the game, Alingsås had most possession with the ball, created most chances and were really sharp. We didn’t play so good and we mostly played defence and we hardly came into good chances to score a goal. As a result we played a draw 0-0 and we had to take the game into penalties. I don’t want to go into details but we won the penalty shootout so we got into the final. In the final we played against the home team Tidaholm who we faced in the group stage and lost. Because of that I was very nervous and thought they would beat us again. But somehow we managed to win against Tidaholm with 2-0. We played so good in that game, created chances after chances. After hearing the final whistle I was very happy because I had never won a cup before plus Tidaholm were a mixed team with both players born 01 and 02.