Peace? argument can ruin a friendship! However,

Peace? Is there such a thing? Does it even exist in such a world like ours? Well first, peace can only exist if people are willing to make it happen. To help promote or spread peace throughout the world, it should start from you. You as an individual can make a difference in your school, within your friends, and even within your family.Many times, friends fight because of backstabbing, disagreements, or even friendly competitions.

Just one argument can ruin a friendship! However, fortunately, people have the intelligence to make right decisions and prevent this from occurring. To help promote peace within your friends, all you have to do is be loyal and to have trust. Being loyal and having trust towards each other provides a foundation that can help in keeping a friendship strong.

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What about school you may ask? Well, you can promote peace in numerous ways. You can start a Peace Club, stop fights or arguments, or you can just smile. Smiling helps promote peace because it shows happiness and most importantly, it is contagious. In addition, since school has all these different clicks, you can prevent tensions or even fights by taking the initiative to be friends with one another. In doing this, you can set a good example for your peers and you can unite the whole student body as one and not many.Lastly, creating peace in your own home.

When you are in your home, fights usually occur due to irritation. Like for example, when your parents invade your privacy or when your little sibling aggravates you. To prevent fighting or bickering, all you have to do is to breathe and to think of a solution. You cannot fight back because if you do, it only makes things worse. And when things get worse, nothing gets solved. In dealing with these situations, you have to be well mannered and calm.

Peace? Does it really exist? I believe it does. You can promote peace in numerous ways. Smiling, making good decision, and bringing people together are one of the many ways in which you can create a tranquility in our earth.

If everyone helps in making peace, peace is bound to happen and the world would be happy. This is how i believe in peace.