Part term goals in my personal development plan.

Part B:Statement of purpose of personal goalsGoal setting is a major component of the personal development process.

My goals as well as the steps that I will take in order to achieve them, will make up my personal development action plan. It is the good roadmap that will take me from taking a career to working and succeeding in it. However, in this part, I will focus on both the short and long term goals in my personal development plan.

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The short term goals include all the goals that I will ensure that I achieve them within a year or so. On the other hand, the long term goals are some of the things I will ensure that I achieve in much longer period (Claudia, 2017). Some of these goals can be described below:Short term goalsEnrolling for an Internship programThis is one of my short-term goals is undertaking an internship program. The internship program will be helpful in building my career because it helps gain real world experience about my career.

By joining a company as an intern will offer me the platform or perhaps to work hands on in a professional environment. Unlike most people who goes internship for other personal gains such as getting a coffee or perhaps run errands, my mission for going for this internship is a different case, I wish to gain a gain actual work experience. It also helps me gain more knowledge about the career path I am pursuing at Gulf-College, Oman. Another critical benefit of undertaking an internship program is that I will help me build my resume further. As a college student, having a comprehensive and strong resume is key after graduating from the college because without it, it will be hard for me to secure job in the future.

Avoid ProcrastinationProcrastination is the habit of delaying or postponing task or perhaps a set of tasks. Most people refer tis as akrasia. This act prevents people from following through on what a person set out to undertake. However in order to avoid procrastination, there a lot activities that I would do, for example, ensuring that I fill my day with less or low priority areas. Also, I will ensure that throughout my time at Gulf-College, Oman I fill my time with unimportant tasks that other people will ask me to do, instead of getting on with important tasks already in my list.

Long-term goalsWorking toward promotionAs I work hard for my career, I anticipate that soon as I start a new job, I should plan and strategize for the next job. In order to attain this, I will ensure that I stay focused enough on the job that I will be hired to deliver for that I succeed and excel in the position before trying to look for another one. Also, in order for me to achieve this promotion, I will initiate a number of activities. These include developing mentoring relationships with my colleagues. I will also practice self-promotion initiatives (Claudia, 2017). For example, I will begin selling myself to be known as that indeed I am seeking a promotion at that particular workplace.

This can be achieved by sending mail to the company manager in order to keep him or her updated on his progress on various projects and sharing my accomplishments too. Writing inspirational booksThis is another key long term goal that I would desire to achieve in my development plan. In these books there are various life aspects that will be captured including the passion, inspiration, trust. Writing a book of this kind will need me to have passion, through this goal, I will able to set my soul on fire, because what I will write will just come through in my articles.

Also, to be able to write a book I need to consider a lot of things such as establishing the writing space and conducting a comprehensive research on what exactly I wanted to achieve. While writing the book, I will set myself particular timeframes on how I will reach each other. This will significantly depend on the nature of the job that I will work at. If the workplace and manager will not be too demanding, I will ensure that I accomplish each chapter in a period of one to two weeks.AccountabilityIn order to ensure that I implement these short and long term goals, I will ensure that I keep track my records as well as targeting dates. I will be able to set myself a timetable in order to assess what I have achieved and what has not been achieved.

I will ensure that in anything I do, I do it wholeheartedly, in anything I achieve, I will be able to appreciate myself and in anything that I do not achieve, I will not to punish myself because I will have an opportunity to try it the next day or any other day in the future. I will also ensure that I reward myself for any achievements that I have made. Part D:Academic Skills in Higher EducationCommunication skillsCommunication is the ability to convey information to another party or person in an effective and efficient manner.

In an organization where the managers have good verbal, non-verbal communication and written communication skills help facilitate the sharing information between people within company for its commercial benefit (Kaplan Financial Education, 2017). Active listeningActive listening is the ability to being fully present and aware of what the speaker is attempting to impart. Basically, it means offering the speaker your full and undivided attention. People are encouraged to avoid disruptions such as cell phones, laptops.Also active listening is demonstrated by making eye contact with the speaker for instance most people nod their heads I order to affirm that they are paying attention. Eye contactThis is another key form of communication skills. For instance, the emotional intelligence is all about reading other person’s emotion and be able to empathize.

Through the eye contact, I will be in a position to I will be able to focus on their facial expression. Smiling is key for social interactions when being in a position deliver feedback in trying to keep my facial expression as positive in many times as possible and always looking to keep my cues on how the other person might take it (Kaplan Financial Education, 2017).Creative skillsCreativity is a skill that can be developed and a process that can be managed. Creativity begins with a foundation of knowledge, learning discipline and perhaps a way of mastering a way of thinking. People can learn to be creative by trying to experiment, explore, and question assumption as well as applying imagination and synthesing information. These skills in most cases are known as the creative thinking skills.

One good example of creative skill is:Ability to solve daily problems Creative problem-solving stands out has an innovative technique. And with the creative problem solver will find new solutions, rather than simply identifying and implementing the norm. I will be able to brainstorm new techniques such as cutting down costs during any financial crisis, or perhaps try to come up with a strategy to defend my clients. These techniques will require me to have creative thinking on my mind.Critical skillsThese are capabilities that are required within a particular occupation. These skills include general management skills, communication and customer handling skills.

It also includes teamwork and communication skills (Devra, 2015). This critical thinking skill is often based on the reason rather than on emotion. On of the critical thinking skills I will learn will be helpful to me in building the customer service relations. For instance, a customer might decide to leave an unfair or perhaps a negative review on the online site making to perhaps make a rude post. ReferencesClaudia S (2017) Parts of Personal Development Plan.

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