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Our life is largely dependant on food. First and foremost, a man needs food in order to maintain a healthy life. On the other hand, some people eat food to get pleasure. To be honest, consuming a delicious meal makes me happy.

I am especially interested in savoring something delicious from foreign countries, as it gives me an opportunity to learn something new about the culture of this or that country.First, the culture of the whole world is displayed by variety of delicious dishes. Each nation has its own cooking features, which depend on the type of food, as well as on the cooking method. For example, in Vietnam the preparation of exotic dishes is accompanied by an unusual sight. Customers are shown a live snake and its head is cut off in front of them.

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Then cook prepares dishes from this snake which are served to guests. The USA has almost no national dishes. Generally, almost all nations present their cuisine there. However, the USA is the homeland of fast food, which is a remarkable contribution to the world heritage. Therefore, we can taste something new thanks to the diversity of cuisine of the world.

Second, geographical distribution, cultural feature, social classes contributed to the formation of every nation`s unrepeatable rules of food intake. For example, in Turkey you can sit at a table with crossed legs, but in no way show your soles to the other, because this is considered an insult. However, if the customs of eating food in some societies are considered normal, then others look strange. For instance, In China in no case can you cut noodles, because they symbolize a long life.

By cutting noodles, you shorten your life. Thus, consuming food from foreign countries, we learn about the culture of these countries.Finally, many people, who like to cook at home, have a good opportunity to get recipes for foreign dishes and thus expand the range of dishes of their kitchen. And this is an undoubted benefit of the body.

American kids have a lot of gastrointestinal problems when eating fast food. Homemade food saturates the body with the necessary vitamins and elements.To sum up, I admit the food is not only a basic need for me, because in reality I like to enjoy the dishes of different cultures and nations, and even more, I like to cook food by myself.

Food from foreign countries helps me to understand the culture of different nations.