One he also could see that Big Mike

One of the themes clearly shown in Michael Lewis’s book The Blind Side is “Kindness & Generosity”. This theme is expressed throughout the book.

Tony quotes”His name was Michael Oher, but everyone just called him “Big Mike.” Tony liked Big Mike, but he also could see that Big Mike was heading at warp speed toward a bad end. He’d just finished the ninth grade at a public school, but Tony very much doubted he’d be returning for the tenth. He seldom attended classes, and showed no talent or interest in school. “Big Mike was going to drop out,” said Big Tony.

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“And if he dropped out, he’d be like all his friends who dropped out: dead, in jail, or on the street selling drugs, just waiting to be dead or in jail” (41). Tony was trying to find a Christian school for his son Steven, who was good at studies and sports. He wanted to make sure his son would get a good education. Of course, he couldn’t afford the tuition to a private Christian school.

He was looking for scholarship. Along with son, he also thought about Big Mike. So, one day he decides to take his son Steven and Big Mike to visit Briarcrest, a private Christian school. He meets with the School’s Basketball coach Harrington and convinces him to consider both the kids who can play basketball for the school. Mr.

Harrington watch them play basketball and was very impressed with their ability. The coach convinces the school management to give them Scholarship admissions. Tony’s and Harrington’s kindness and generosity gave Big Mike and Steven an opportunity to get free education at private Christian school.