On place. It feels very proud because

On Thursday after Idul Fitri, exactly at 8:30 am, my family and I took a vacation to Carita Beach. Before we left for Carita beach, I prepared food and drink for us to enjoy there.

While my family shorten the vehicle we will use. After everything was ready, we headed straight to Carita beach.During the trip, I was amazed by its natural beauty.

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The winding road is like a wave, the rice fields are neatly lined up, and the atmosphere of the mountains is very beautiful. It turns out so great The gift God has given for all of us.A bright morning, I wake up and get ready for a shower.

After that breakfast and immediately go to school. At that time in kindergarten I held a race to welcome the independence day of Indonesia 17 August.I followed the flag-raising race and put the beam into a pyramid. I won 2nd place.

It feels very proud because this is my experience of winning. The prize from the race I got stationery and towels.The impression that I remember most is when my name is called and called as the winner of the race.

At that time my permission was not working to the office because I wanted to watch me during the race and want to take pictures when the distribution of prizes, mamahku also happy and proud.Other races I have ever attended while in kindergarten are the fashion show contest on Kartini day and the collage creations and coloring contest with pascola … Alhamdulillah I won 2nd place. The gymnastic group gymnastics name is parahyangan gymnastics sub-district level and municipal level, we won 1st place and 3.

Arriving at the beach, we immediately look for a shady place. Incidentally that day the weather was quite hot so we had to find a comfortable place to rest. After getting a suitable place, my cousin and I immediately satisfied to the beach.

We immediately swam while enjoying the waves that came to our body.When I was enjoying the beach atmosphere, suddenly I heard someone’s voice asking for help. “Please .

….. please .


.!!” The sound of the voice was my cousin’s voice. How surprised he was that I was swept away by the waves. Me and the guest people directly help her. I saw my cousin’s face so pale, he was afraid to drown.