OLUBUNMI maintain effective working relationship with the clients,

OLUBUNMI OGUNDIPEUNDERSTANDINGWORKING RELATIONSHIPS IN SOCIAL CARE SETTINGSExplain how a working relationship is different from a personal relationshipRelationship is the most involved and emotionally charged area of our lives. It is formed moment we are born; each one involved is requiring something and giving something back. The difference between working relationship and personal relationship is that, working relationship is were you work with others to form and maintain effective working relationship with the clients, families and partners,carers,colleagues, managers and other professionals. This is central to everyday activities.

Working relationship is used to provide support and assistance to others and to work cooperatively and effectively with others. You work as part of a team, where individual follow professional code of conduct. In a good working relationship there is trust, teamwork, communication and respect are the keys to effective working relationship.

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In personal relationship, the level of intimacy is higher than in the case of working relationship. In personal relationship conversation are not business like, while in working relationship conversation is business like and polite. In personal relationship there is fewer boundries with people.

Describe different working relationships in social care settingThere are many different working relationships in health and social care setting. These relationships are manager, colleagues, other professionals such as doctors, District Nurse, service users and their family and friends. Each of these have developed different types of working relationship. Each has its own rules, expectation and boundaries. 2. UNDERSTAND THE IMPORTANTANCE OF WORKING PARTNERSHIP WITH OTHERS2.

1 DESCRIBE WHY IT IS IMPORTANT TO ADHERE TO THE AGREED SCOPE OF THE JOB ROLE”It is important to adhere to agreed scope of your job role as you agreed with job description within your job contract. It’s your legal obligation to work within it.”Job description forms part of the employment.

When individual is employed there is a contract to sign. Signing the contract means you adhere to the job policy of your employer which isTo be responsible to job roleTo work in way agreed by employerAbide by laws. Codes of practice and regulations that apply to social care setting;2.2OUTLINE WHAT IS MEANT BY AGREED WAYS OF WORKINGAgreed ways of working is referring to the staff following the policies and procedures, adhering to each individuals care plans accordingly as well as any risk assessments in place. Including to the adhering is reading and following any code of conduct. It is performing to the standard of employee as written on the contract, working effectively in helping to protect and care for the vulnerable.

2.3 EXPLAIN THE IMPORTANCE OF FULL AND UP-TO-DATE DETAILS OF AGREED WAYS OF WORKINGEmployers have range of written policies and procedures of how to provide support, assistance, and care in different situation for individual who use the care setting or services. It is necessary and part of job role that an employee has both knowledge and access to relevant current legislation and full up to date policies and procedures that relate to job one is doing such as safeguarding, infection control, Health and safety, moving and handling, equal opportunity, Inclusive working, anti-discriminatory practice, dealing with emergency situations, safety and security, managing medication, waste management and supervision.3.1 EXPLAIN WHY IT IS IMPORTANT TO WORK IN PARTNERSHIP WITH OTHERS It is important to form professional relationships with team members, colleagues other professionals; as well as individuals and their family members to promote effective communication also a way to promote accurate information.According to Jo Junard “The essence of partnership is sharing . It is marked by respect for one another, role divisions right to information, accountability, competence and value accorded to individual input .

In short, each partner is shared, decisions are made jointly and roles are not only respected but are also back by legal and moral right. Working in partnership with others is important in that no one person or organisations can meet the holistic needs of an individual by themselves. Different agencies, organisations and people will have different skills and abilities that need to be utilised to get the best possible outcome for an individual.3.2 IDENTIFY WAYS OF WORKING THAT CAN HELP IMPROVE PARTNERSHIP WORKINGPartnership working can be improved through effective and transparent communication and also sharing information. Everyone needs to be updated and informed of any actions and decisions that may be of interest or important to the partnership.

All partners are essential as each person brings different skills, knowledge and experience. It is good to acknowledge and demonstrate that you respect and value what other have to say. Partnership working can be improved by attending training sessions and knowing your own roles and responsibilities, to have everyone know the policy and procedure.

By means of collaboration and team working, as well as regular team meetings both within own company as well as multi-agencies and organisation.3.3 IDENTIFY SKILLS AND APPROACHES NEEDED FOR RESOLVING CONFLICTSKnowing how to resolve conflict is essential. Skills and approaches needed for resolving conflicts are effective communication, active listening and reflective skills; to listen to each other with respect and patience, to focus on the problem and avoid personal attack, to identify options for resolving conflict and show empathy.3.

4EXPLAIN HOW AND WHEN TO ACCESS SUPPORT AND ADVICE ABOUTPartnership working: Conflicts at work can put extra pressure and unnecessary stress on us. It is important to know how and when to access support and advice partnership working in relation to practices such asSharing informationIssues of confidentialityExplanations of roles and responsibilitiesProfessional boundariesUnderstanding agreed ways of working Advice and support from all these subjects can be obtained from different sources. Talk to the manager, supervisor, or senior colleague first.

Asking others does not mean one is weak but it is a sign of positive professional step. Other step to take is to look at organisation policy documents which provide written guidance and information on issues relating to partnership and team working. More also support and advice can be obtained from other places such asMentoring organisationIndependent advisory organisationTrade unionYour work place Occupational Health Service.Resolving ConflictThere are many ways to seek advice and support to resolve conflict. Primarily through manager or supervisor, there are other professional bodies and independent advisory organisation such as trade unions, employment counselling