Northern many changes in hardware that address these

Northern Widget Corporation is interested in an update and extend their network system. The current network has 8 older Pentium 4 computers with 100 Mbps Ethernet NICs, presently on a small peer-to-peer network that allows users to share files and a laser printer, and a few specialized software tools of the company. The existing network cabling is category 5 UTP. The remaining 46 computers are new Core i5/i7 systems with integrated 1 Gbps Ethernet NICs.

The proposed solution that takes after includes huge changes to NWC’s network systems. The current hardware used throughout the network is older and uses many different technologies. The new physical network design will require many changes in hardware that address these incompatibilities and older technologies. There will be a huge difference in a result which will be higher speeds, more reliability, and easier maintenance of network components. The upgraded hardware and software will be up-to-date that will greatly facilitate troubleshooting and maintenance.

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The solution will give the best advantage possible for NWC and meeting all of their current needs. The aggregate assessed cost for the task is simply under $___________; this considers settling current system issues, as well as the general cost of system possession later on.

This Network design plan for the Northern Widget Corporation in their 3-storey office building is designed accordingly to their space and requirement. The following are the major design areas to be addressed:

In summary, the purpose of this project is to upgrade and extend the existing network of NWC.
As part of our upgrade recommendation, the inclusion of the new physical design and specifications for the network is shown below with their individual cost and the picture of these equipment, which also includes these modifications.
The estimate for this project of the network upgrades per recommendation will acquire a cost of ______ dollars to NWC. Our conviction, with the new system updates, NWC will accomplish its objective of modernizing its technological resources. In addition, the implementation of the new network upgrades will also be a benefit of NWC’s overall productivity as well as provide a high-speed connection.