NGO’s The study used judgmental sampling as

NGO’s capacity building is crucial in Southern African countries as a means to empower the youths sector. This strategy provides empowerment skills to the youth’s sector in order to earn a living in their livelihood as well as becoming future entrepreneurs. This study was carried out in Matobo district in ward 15 in Gulathi as a means to verify and trace how these capacity development projects can assist youths in terms of being employed and sustaining their livelihoods. The study used judgmental sampling as a research design in quantitative research in order to co identify the main research questions of the study which were: Factors affecting the empowerment of the youths; Capacity building methods adopted by NGOs in empowering the youths; and the effectiveness of NGO’s capacity building as an empowerment strategy for youths. The study was dealing with the youths, NGO’s and MYIEE.

The finding from the research revealed that youths face different challenges I order to be empowered such as lack of skills and knowledge; NGO’s have adopted various strategies in order to empower the youths socially, economically and politically; NGO’s capacity building tends to be effective and sustainable in the youths sector in terms of changing their livelihoods and becoming entrepreneurs.

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