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My name is Reeya Dhinesh, and I would like to be a part of Student Council. I would like to be part of a student council because I am a good student, and I would like to participate in many clubs/ groups and be a part of the community.

I will try my best to make a difference in this school for the better. I will help the student body in any/every way possible. I will try my very best to make the students positive and motivate them in school. Also, I believe being in student council will be a great experience for me. I have experience volunteering at the food bank and nursing homes.

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I am part of CDMA, Capital District Malayalee Association. I speak malayalam and I am a proud malayalee myself! There is a council there for teens. I am not quite old enough for that, but since my sister is, I always partake in the events.

We went caroling at at Brookdale-Wynwood during the holidays. CDMA’s teen council goes together at the same time. We do it together. I really enjoy volunteering and helping out the community, Next, I am in good academic standing. I do extra-curriculars and still have good grades.

I enjoy school and I hope to go to a good college.