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My archive will be based on the local history of a place. I will introduce a unique archaeological site that is rich in its tradition and presents a mesmerising aspect from yesteryears. My research work introduces an ancient site that is very close to my heart and culture.

From a very young age I was introduced to its folk tales that awoke curiosity regarding its history and its impact on the present-day lifestyle of people of Sindh. Mohenjo Daro (Mount of Dead) is situated in Sindh, a state of Pakistan in South Asia. It is widely known as one of the earliest human settlements in the world that was inhabited by the Indus Valley Civilisation. In the days of its existence, it was known as a centre of knowledge sharing, trade, culture, technology, innovation. Regardless of Sindh’s extremely rich and informative culture, the archive will focus mainly on the Mount of Dead and the Indus valley civilisation that is known to have existed in the Bronze Age (2600– 1900 BCE).

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The study will also focus on contemporary Sindh and tries to explore how a civilisation that had originated thousands of years ago has evolved into modern Sindh.