Movement was unique and dynamic with blend of

Movement is the stuff and essence of life, both for individual and the society.

From the independence day of August 14, 1947 up to date, Pakistani society is in transformation. The society of Pakistan was unique and dynamic with blend of different culture and ethical way of life, but no department of life – be it financial, social, religious or recreational – has been free from the impact of western culture. Western culture is playing a major role in determining the lifestyle of Pakistani people, especially among youngster. Today the sense of individuality is more important than being collectivist society. The media, social networking sites and Globalization are playing a major role in transformation of Pakistani society.

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Western culture philosophies are spreading all through the world and are impact-sly affecting Asian countries. Individuals who are in their initial adolescents and individuals in age class of 20-35 are profoundly affected by the media. Media is deciding the way of life and state of mind of individuals in each part of individual life whether it is culture, fashion, religion, education, thinking and so forth. One noteworthy effect of western world which can be seen in our country is in language.

English language has to greater extent has replaced the use of our national language. The purpose behind such a spread is the change in our education framework which is advancing western training system, for example, significantly more significance is given to O/A level education framework then to our national board. Another part of westernization in Pakistan is in fashion industry. Despite the fact that our national wear is shalwar Kameez yet barely individuals are found in national wear aside from the independence Day.

In addition effect of western culture can likewise be seen in changes in religious esteems. The adolescent populace of Pakistan is profoundly hypnotized by the western lifestyle and has overlooked the religious lifestyle which was the first philosophy of Pakistan. Albeit Pakistani culture is still manage by Islamic esteems to more prominent degree yet the westernization on religious esteems can’t go unnoticed. However Westernization has help to bring better human rights especially gender equity in Pakistan.

Additionally it has help in spread of healthy lifestyle ways of life in the country.There is no doubt in the claim that impacts of western culture are prevalent in Pakistan society. However it would be wrong to state all the effect of westernization as negative, like the two side of coin westernization has also positive and negative effect at the same time. Westernization has been part of the modernization process, which in no sense can be regarded as harmful.

While on the other hand, there is need to pay attention to the widespread impact of western culture on Pakistani society loss of tradition, culture and religious way of lifestyle. Overall this research paper shows a positive result for the widespread impact of westernization on Pakistan.