more increase job satisfaction.Besides that,the government employees may

more advanced skills that will lead to the chance of promotion which will subsequently increase job satisfaction.Besides that,the government employees may also have an impact on job satisfaction through task clarity-the degree to which tasks are clearly defined.It affects individuals’ sense of knowing what is expected of them and what to do .

Study have shown that an accurate understanding of job requirements can help them adjust to their jobs by reducing uncertainty and minimizing risks of learning through trial and error, and lead to positive job attitudes.Also,skill utilisation has shown to be a strong determinant of job satisfaction since individuals desire jobs that allow them to makegood use of their skills and abilities.organisational characteristics also have an impact on level of job satisfaction of Federal Government employees as they are are more satisfied with their jobs if they have better relationships with their co-workers and supervisors,especially if the tasks performed are interrelated.Cooperative and supportive relationships with co-workers and supervisors are expected to increase job satisfaction.

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Effective managers know their employees need recognition and praise for their efforts and accomplishments. Employees also need to know their supervisor is approachable to discuss any concerns they have that are affecting their ability to do their jobs effectively and impeding their satisfaction at work.Organisational commitment is defined as individual’s believe and trust in organisational goals.Results have shown that employees often develop job satisfaction consistent with the level of organisational commitment.The last determinant of job satisfaction is individual characteristics.Individual factors are the ones which provide different levels of job satisfaction that individuals get. These are the factors of age,level education,public spirit and so on.

These researchers have found that older employees are likely to develop a better fit between personal needs and jobs than younger employees.If older employees leave their current employers , they have limited alternative employment opportunities and greater costs than younger employees and they are likely to possess more traditional values and supportive work ethics.As a result,older employees are likely to develop more positive attitudes toward their jobs, such as job satisfaction and organisational commitment.Some researches suggest that employees with higher level of education can improve job satisfaction by “rationalizing” the available alternatives for changing jobs or leaving employers.However, other researchers have maintained that more educated employees have a greater number of job alternatives and thus are less likely to become stuck in any job or organization. As a result, they are less likely to develop great affections toward their jobs and organizations.This becomes more plausible when we consider that more educated employees often have higher expectations that jobs or organizations may not be able to meet.

This will adversely affect individual attitudes toward their jobs and organizations.Therefore employees who are more educated are less satisfied with their jobs.This research also postulated that employees are attracted to organizations that they perceive as having values similar to their own ,and choose careers that fit with their own beliefs and values.According to this perspective , many individuals are drawn to public service to satisfy their beliefs and desires to serve the public . They place less emphasis on self-interest maximization such as pay and promotion . Instead , they place more emphasis on public spirit motivation than the private employees.Civil service clearly provides them with ample opportunities to satisfy their desires.In addition , they may focus on such characteristics to experience more of it, and as a result become more satisfied.A few implications can be drawn from this study,the results show that task clarity and skills utilization are two important determinant of job satisfaction.Hence the