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Modern communication technologies have completely revolutionized the way that we interact with each other in our everyday life. Our modern society has grown very complex nowadays and it is only due to the technological advancements of today that we are able to connect with a vast and intricate network of people around the world. The information that used to take several months to be transferred from one person to another can now be shared only in a matter of few seconds. Consequently, our daily personal and social lives have been greatly enhanced. Today’s advanced communication technologies has various implications in a wide variety of fields such as education, military, transportation, scientific exploration and many more. Moreover, the kind of information we are sharing with each other is not just textual in nature but visual and audial as well.

The modern communication technology has brought us so close to our friends and relatives living in various different parts of the world that we can now have a face-to-face interaction with them as if they are sitting right in front of our eyes. It is very hard to imagine the modern society we live in today without the existence of such technological tools of communication. The following paragraphs will further discuss some advantages and disadvantages of modern communication technologies in a broader sense. Jaswinder Sandhu (H00015902) Types of communication technologies TV: TV turned into the transcendent wellspring of correspondence to a wide crowd, and it changed the political and social scene for eternity. Individuals were all of a sudden ready to witness notorious occasions, for example, the principal moon landing and the movement of the social liberties development.

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Social networking: Email, interpersonal organizations, newsgroups and video transmission have associated the world more than ever. Security concerns have emerged with the expansion of the Internet, particularly with government observing and certain long range informal communication destinations, yet the Internet has woven itself into the structure holding the system together and business. Fast associations take into account a massive measure of data to be moved in seconds. Video Calling: Now and then influencing a telephone to call to an imperative customer or colleague wouldn’t slice it in case you’re attempting to settle on a major negotiations.

Before, organizations may have gone on costly business treks to plan face to face gatherings for this kind of circumstance. Presently, organizations have greater adaptability and better chances to save money on movement costs by utilizing video calling administrations. You can at present feel like you’re meeting with somebody a huge number of miles away while remaining in the solace of your home office.

Radio: In 1906, Reginald Fessenden, creator of the first sophisticated radio transmitter, expanding on the ideas of Guglielmo Marconi, sent music and speech across the airwaves. (Szpak, n.d.

)This invention of the radio allowed sound and information to be broadcast to an extremely wide audience. Radio reached its golden age during the 1920s, and companies advertised their products to consumers around the world. During the 1930s radio expanded further into news, politics, vaudeville routines and sporting events, broadcasting into millions of homes every day.Phone: Alexander Graham Bell altered the way individuals speak with his patent on the phone in 1876. (Szpak, n.d.)Over the previous century, propels in innovation have supplanted the overwhelming equipment and metal wiring of the first outline with lightweight micro circuitry.

These progressions have likewise took into consideration the change from landlines to remote, liberating individuals to convey from remote areas. Everywhere throughout the world, a great many individuals can converse with each other, growing organizations and enhancing connections that may not generally have made due crosswise over long separations. Phones likewise take into consideration moment correspondence, and new innovation incorporates video and Internet. Sandeep Gill (H00015851) Impact of communication technology 1.

) Society: Today with the help of internet, technology has affected our life a lot. All humankind relates to each other and it increases the sociability, intensity of relationships and families. Both business and personal areas of society prefer social networking sites. Everyone is connected to each other. We can connect to our friends and relatives through technology and, we can do video conference with loved ones. One can stay in contact even if they are sitting far away. For example: a person sitting Canada can do video calls the person living in India.

2.) Education: Technology also affected education sector. One can find solutions of every problem online and can do our work in an easy way and in less time. Students can discuss our problems with our friends through communicating online and by group chats.

For example: most of our work is online on Moodle and its also a part of technology. People can do our work at home and see the study material also.3.) Transportation: Technology also affected transportation. For example: Now people can see the timing of transit vehicles like buses and trains.

It becomes very easy for public to use transit and make their schedule according to the availability and timing of transportation.4.) Economic structure: Due to enhanced technology, everybody wants to get benefits from it.

Almost everyone has mobile phones, laptops, and televisions. These are all modes of communication. More sales of these gadgets increase economic profit.Jashandeep Singh (H0015445)Impact on productivity1)Connecting with friends and relatives in better way: By communication technology it can help by connecting to our friends, family and loved ones in a better way.

Social media is one of the ways to connect with our friends and share everything. It also provides the ability to broadcast live moments by which one can see what is going on in other person’s life. Thus, communication technology has had an impact on productivity in a positive way. 2)Receiving and sending instant information with others: Instant information can also be sent to anyone at any place. It can be done through many kinds of applications or through text messages. So, one can get notified about something or can be reminded by sending instant information.3)Make it possible to work from home: A person can work by sitting at our home by using some kind of applications or emails.

Also certain websites are used for working from home. Therefore, concluding that technology has made a big difference in our life because we can make money by sitting at our home.4)Meetings can be organized through video conferencing: Communication technology has a major impact on productivity. Today, meetings can be organized by sitting at home with the help of video calling. One can receive information about anything at any time or place which enables us to work anywhere with more efficiency and ease.Navdeep Kaur (H00015814)Negative Side of Communication TechnologyAs in today’s world the technology had changed a lot everyone is depend on technology specially on mobile phones. As nowadays people are so addicted to mobile phones due to social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, etc.

which lead to no privacy in lives of person. The more use of technology makes less communication with people because everyone is busy in their device. People thinks they are getting closer with their friends and families but. In other way they are getting far from their friends next to them and even they make them feel disrespectful.

The negative impact of communication: It is very easy to spread rumors about someone they don’t like or want to do bad for them. People thinks it’s a very good thing that the can contact anyone as fast as they want but they don’t know that it may cause trouble to them. In future or can bring some bad impact on them. In others words people think they are getting large numbers of friends on social networking site but on other hand they are losing the number of friends with whom they have face to face interactions and later on it may lead to depression and loneliness or sadness in future because the social networking sites friend don’t stay to long in lives or can be on our side when we need them.

The negative impact is people have to fill up so much personal information which lead to no privacy. People think if they put an privacy option they will be safe but people don’t know they are leading themselves to some kind of trouble. For example, on Facebook people upload to many pics and some people save them and make an fake account and hide their really identity and also some people misuse that account for any reason.