Marijuana and high levels. Which can affect you

Marijuana has been around for centuries — it is a plant that is useful in numerous different ways.

Since it evolved quickly and traveled from Central Asia to Africa, Europe, India and finally the United States it developed many names for itself. Such as cannabis, weed, hemp, Mary Jane etc. People would grow the hemp plant for herbal medicine and use its fibers to make clothing, paper, sails, rope, and the seed were used in food.

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Its fibers were used in cloth in the making of the American flag and in the paper of writing the declaration of independence. Marijuana has traces of THC of low and high levels. Which can affect you mentally and physically Some changes you can experience are mood changes, become famish and heightened sensory perception. Since everyone works differently some people after handled marijuana experience anxiety and fear. When marijuana first evolved it was used for medicine. It would help with abdominal pains, lessen vomiting for victims with cholera. It also helped with gout, malaria, rheumatism.

It was later discovered that Marijuana had THC in it which was responsible if the mind-altering effects after smoking or digesting. However, the good thing about the THC it would diminish nausea and increase hunger. What started controversy in making marijuana illegal is when minorities started using it recreationally. When the drug was brought into a more social atmosphere it became a race issue.

In the early 1900s Mexicans started to immigrate to the US and introduced cannabis in a recreational demeanor. Then the great depression came along and there was colossal unemployment rate and the blame was put on the minorities. They set in rules to have it illegal and arrested a vast number of minorities. Mostly Hispanics and blacks are incarcerated are nonviolent acts due to the laws which only leads to overcrowding in jails.

Whites believed that the drug was affecting white girls to sleep with a black man. It was claimed to be addictive and a gateway to other drugs. Also, how the drug would lead to manslaughter, suicide, and rape. In the 1970s, the controlled substance act was passed, and it ruled that Heroin, LSD, and marijuana were schedule category one. In the modern day, marijuana is used to help cancer patient with their nausea, helping people with anorexia consume more food. We should legalize the use of marijuana recreationally because it helps with medicine and it isn’t harming anyone. Legalizing the drug will help with debt in the United States.

Opening vendors and selling the drug for recreational use will increase the amount of money for federal and state government. “Cannabis date analytics firm New Frontier Date released a report in 2017 estimating that the immediate legalization of marijuana at the federal level would lead to 131.8 billion in aggregate federal tax revenue being collection between 2017 and 2025. New Frontier Data came up with this figure based on a 15% retail sales tax, payroll tax deductions, and business tax revenue.” Creating these vendors will also increase job opportunities.

Citizens can either work in a facility or their own. It has been predicted that in the year 2025 the increase in employment will be 1.1 million jobs.

In conclusion, is that at first the laws were put on the restrictions of marijuana were inadmissible and prejudice. Over time, I believe the way Americans think have changed, racism has not gone away completely but it has lessened. Most of America is filled with immigrants. For the laws to put on marijuana because of prejudice views and they “think” it would lead to other crimes without any proof is unjustifiable. I believe legalizing marijuana will have a great impact on the United States and it helps economically and help victims of cancer, anxiety, and other conditions.