Many Tang ,Cheung and Lee also conducted

Many researchers have conducted research on Facebook and it’s usage and the impacts it has on students social life, academic performance , uses and gratification ,social grooming , social influence , time spent on Facebook( Precious Chibuike; 2017 , Erick Mwashegwa ;2015 ,Kimani Kirauki ;2010, Zeynep Tufekci ;2008 ,Teo et al 2009 , Vasalou et al ;2010 ),Zhang and Tang ,Cheung and Lee also conducted researches focused on Facebook impact on students. The usage of social media by the youth has become a way of life and personal activities are made public Edge (2017).As such there’s need to minimize collective ignorance and adoption of Facebook, icon-related lifestyles. Icon-related lifestyles has been a serious problem facing the youth especially students in universities for the past