Many the housing first. Power (2008) states, “Decent,

Many researcher and other educators have explained how safe housing the final step is to solve the health issues homeless individuals. While this solution is not under the area of health policy, it does draw attention of its importance involving many researchers and from other sectors of the public policy for a long term to creating a long -term solutions for homeless and poor health. Many researchers who focus their study explain about the housing first. Power (2008) states, “Decent, safe and affordable housing is a basic human necessity. Without it, there is no foundation for people to thrive and enjoy good health, personal security, and stable communities.” And (Hwang, Fuller-Thomson, Hulchanski, Bryant, Habib, Regoeczi, 1999, p.

iii) explain the relationship between housing and health acts in two ways, which is how housing affect health and how health also affect housing. The positive impact that housing have on housing is when it is affordable, safe and clean. Within Canada, the housing environment have been rather unsupportive of decreasing the population from been at the risk of being homeless. Due to the rising cost of housing and growth of insecure employment. It also increasing the problem of getting people of the street. Bryant (2008) explain the various problem that housing crisis have on health “homelessness, the experience of poor living conditions, and the effects of housing insecurity on other social determinants of health.

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“. in order to achieve an environment where it possible for people return to or being ending up of street, there need to be changes to the housing policy.