Key global recall. Pfizer dedicate their selves to

Key strengths of Pfizer is that it is one of the biggest and most money-making pharmaceutical company in the world with about 150 years of practice in Research & Development. Pfizer employee total is more than 100,000. Also, brand name Pfizer is very tough and has a global recall. Pfizer dedicate their selves to humanity’s quest for longer, healthier, happier lives through modernization in pharmaceutical, consumer, and animal health products. To achieve this goal and mission, Pfizer affirm the values of Integrity, Leadership, Innovation, Performance, Teamwork, Customer Focus, Respect for People and Community. (

Significant size leading to caution of balance…
Durable presence in the vaccines and biologics market following Wyeth’s acquisition.
Pfizer’s product pipeline currently consists of 82 projects at different stages of development.
Mergers and acquisitions with big pharma brands increasing brand reputation.
Wide range of products (over 247 drugs in the United States).
Well-developed distribution channels.
Using electronic in cultivating consumer connection and corporation production.

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