It my career I have come across

It was my dream since school days to become a Civil Engineer and focus myself towards the development of the society.

I always believed in the fact that, if we needed a change around us then we need change ourselves. I always followed this principle throughout my journey of Bachelors degree at Sahyadri College of Engineering. There is a solution to every problem provided your determined enough to find one. As the gravity of the problem increases finding a solution becomes a complex task. Right now in my career I have come across such problems for which I have to broaden my knowledge in the field of engineering so that I could find a perfect solution one could rely on. I am confident enough that Coventry University will provide me that platform and it will be my perfect decision in shaping my career.

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As it is rightly said “Every great achiever is inspired by a great Mentor”, my driving force was my uncle who guided me from the basics of Civil Engineering. He himself being a Civil Contractor always encouraged me to visit various civil sites and gain some practical knowledge about the subject. It also exposed me towards the real life problems which are encountered in the field of civil engineering.

During my visits I made sure to update myself with the various technologies and advanced methodologies that have been adopted during the recent times. It was fascinating to see how the Trio Aggregates-Cement-Water created wonders in the field of engineering.From most of the site visits one thing I noticed was the lack of knowledge regarding the Construction Management Techniques. The entire process of planning, design and construction of a project was not carried out adequately. The contractors and the engineers had scarce knowledge regarding Construction Management. This triggered my interest of learning this subject as I knew for execution of any kind work coordination is the most important parameter.

During my bachelors I was brushed up with subjects related to Construction Management which gave me an idea regarding vastness of this field. I also underwent an internship program at one of the most reputed construction company in Mangalore i.e. Mugrody Constructions to intensify my knowledge in the field of construction management.”Knowledge has a beginning not an End”, my faculties at Sahyadri College of engineering have made sure that I get proper knowledge regarding the basics of the subject which would act as a solid base for my future studies. The enthusiasm of knowing the outer world will keep me motivated in receiving valid input and exposure which would help me reach greater heights in the field of civil engineering.

The rapid advancement of technologies in the field of civil engineering and the facilities of training aided with research work mad me choose UK for pursuing my graduate studies.My decision of pursuing my masters at UK was solidified when I through the universities website which stated its high end infrastructure facilities and notable reputation over other universities. A college with a great vision and good infrastructure will always help you create wonders. The team faculties are a perfect example. As a student I would utilize the resources available at your university and take complete benefit out of it.

I have made up my mind to pursue my career at Coventry University. I have no second thoughts about it. I hope you will provide me the opportunity for carrying out my Master’s Degree at your prestigious University.

I look forward for a long and fruitful association with Coventry University.