It this allows the personalization of relations

It is desirable for an organization to have a correct and effective ERM, as this allows the personalization of relations with employees. Good relationships with employees contribute significantly to the success of the organization. The importance of MRE is summarized in the following point (Vineet et al., 2013, p.

23): 1. ERM promotes commitment, morale and trust in the organization. Establishes a link and congruence through the psychological commitment between the employee contract and the employment relationship. It also indicates the principle of fairness and ensures that both the objectives of the organization and the needs of the employees are met. 2.

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ERM facilitates employees in achieving the organization’s goals. It also seeks to help employees achieve the tasks and goals set for their work and helps develop effective channels and communication systems to meet employee information needs. Emphasizes employee performance, growth and development to create competitive advantage.