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Iraida Zoheb Khan

1.The main issue of this case is that young Antreas has low self esteem which affects his relationship and his art work . He struggles with his emotions which results in a poor performance on his artwork and a poor relationship with creative art. The way a child feels emotionally is important to how they will perform and be able to express themselves through art. This is an important issue because if a child how low self esteem in the the classroom it would be really hard for them to interact with their peers and adults. Being able to interact with others is important because it will allow the child to become familiar with sensory perception and allow them to develop strong communication skills. Furthermore Antrea having low self esteem affects his cognitive developmental skills in art such as a child being able to solve problems on their own, and the ability to interact with objects around them. Moreover low self esteem almost prevents a child from having an enriched environment where it would be difficult for a child to express themselves, interact with their surroundings, think for themselves and be able to express how they truly feel . Having low self esteem can also affect a child’s well being.

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2. If I was a teacher and had a student like Antreas I would create a class art studio in the classroom. My instructions will be for him to bring in a picture of himself and things that he likes such as his favorite food, super hero, sport, activity, toy , etc. Then I would have him create a college will all the pictures. I will tell him that he can put it together in anyway or form.
I would also take him to the art Museum and show him the many different arts, I will ask him why he think the art display that he seen was the way it was. This would help him make connections with his surroundings and allow him to have a better understanding of what art is.
Taking him to the museum will also expose him to his environment and allow him to understand that all arts are special in there own way and that they all tell a story. Moreover this trip will motivate him to create art base on how he view things, in addition he will see that not all arts are picture perfect with straight lines. This also would allow him to explore and see art through someone else’s viewpoint.

3. Chapter one is related to this case study because it speaks about how important it is to build a child’s interests in art so that they can be able to make connections using their own experience’ which allows the child to feel free while creating art and develop cognitive skills independently. Antreas had low self esteem when creating art because he felt under pressure while creating his art. In chapter one it speaks about creating an enrichment environment for children . In this case Antreas wasn’t in an enrichment environment because he already felt like he had to create perfect art to win competitions and prizes. Having this mindset didn’t allow him to be able to express himself freely, which put a lot of weight and aggravation into learning how to create art. More or less this type of attitude he had towards arts didn’t allow him to express himself how he really wanted to. However when Antreas went home and created his art works on his own without being told too by his teachers this allow him to release his emotions and express himself and improve his emotional well being . In addition this type of freedom allow him to make his own decision in arts and develop skills in planning progression in arts.

4. Chapter two is related to this case study because Antreas thought that his art had to be perfect like a photograph and all the lines had to be perfect. In chapter two it discusses that creative thinking skills starts with a child being able to be passionate and interested in creating arts. With the pressure and the idea that Antrea had to create art that had to be perfect to win the competitions it shut down his creative thinking skills . However when creating art without being told too allow his emotions to be positive and allow him to be enthusiastic about his work and becoming interested in his ability to be creative. In addition this lead Antreas to come up with creative ideas and will make his relationship with art much better now . Chapter two discusses
That children that act voluntary would have a much better relationship with art will make them want to explore more.
Chapter two is also related because in this chapter it speaks about creative arts allowing children to communicating ideas and feelings using the materials that are presenting to them. In Antreas class having to create arts for competition every week didn’t allow him to be immersion, which didn’t give him the chance to feel relax and calm. But when he went home it was easy for him to be creative with arts because he felt lighten . In chapter two it discusses that when a child is in the stage of immersion that are cam and this would allow them to express themselves better and loosen up which will allow children to be more satisfied with their artwork.

5. Chapter three is related to this case because Atreas negative emotional factors had a influence in how he felt about art and about his performanced. This caused him to have low self esteem and dislike art so much. In chapter three it discusses how social, emotional and culture context has an effect in childrens art work. This is related to Atreas cause because his bad experiences with art didn’t allow him to perform good in his art assignments. Chapter three also discusses how environmental factors play an important role in children’s performance in arts . I think this is related to this case because Atrean had a strong belief that when doing art work it has to be perfect like a photograph picture. By Atreas being strongly influenced by the idea that art had to be as picture as an photograph picture influence him to have this idea that art had to be in a particular way and draw perfectly.
Another way this case is related to chapter three is because it it speaks about a child’s development in art is affected by experience. In this case Atreas had barely any art experiences because he did not practice it at home very much unless he had an assignment from the teacher that he had to do. Atreas not having a little too not practice at home made him have an intolerable relationship with creative arts .

6. Chapter four is related to this case because in this chapter it talks about how awakening the senses, and how a child can develop sensory perception in art activities. In this case Atreas had a hard time at first developing a sensory perception in creative arts because he couldn’t interact with his classmates and his teachers about art because he felt like his work was not was perfect enough and because he had difficulties expressing himself through art it made it hard for him to understand art activities and recognize the the senses of art and made it hard for him to become familiar with his environment.
Chapter four is also related to this case because when Atreas created his art work at home it allow him to focus and engage curiosity and become risk taker in arts , for that reason he was able to attach meaning to his drawings and engaged better with arts while control of his own creativity . In addition Atreas ability to creative art work at home allow him to grow in areas that he probability didn’t think he could master such as being able to selectively focus on sensory modes that he didn’t think he could master such as solving art problems that once embedded criterion in his mind.