Introduction:Aboriginal have been victimise in matter of

Introduction:Aboriginal Australian has lived in Australia for about 40,000 years. This essay will concentrate on the ways Indigenous Australians have been victimise in matter of social equality including citizenship and land right. During the 1788 Europeans has brought critical change to Aboriginals tradition and lifestyle. The three main significant events this essay focus on are the discriminated against Indigenous Australians of social justice including citizenship and land rights, the civil right activities that led to the ranging of these human right for Indigenous Australians and what are the issue that still faced Indigenous Australians today and how is the UN declaration on the right of Indigenous people helping to address these issue.

Indigenous Australians have been denied certain aspect of social justice since first settler from Europe started to move on their land and suffering they confronted which are losing their culture and their right as human. Social justice is a human right by treating everybody equally, which implies everybody being able to have an equal opportunity for everyone in the country. That could be treating everybody fairly, given them respect and ensured by the law. People having a choice to carry on with a long life and could get to access to information and resources needed for a decent standard of living. Some of these might incorporate into having the privilege to live freely, education and access to information, right for your own opinions and the public expression of these opinions and right to freedom from torture and brutal. Some of the way social justice a human right is Indigenous Australians having the privilege to their land, which gives the spiritual and cultural of the Indigenous people.

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Also, have the right to self-determination without being discriminated against which could be having the ability to take control of their culture and future and decided how to they will address the issue facing them.Indigenous Australia’s land might have been stolen from them but, that was not the only social injustices they suffered from the white people. Their kids got taken away from them due to the facts that British believed that their culture was better than Indigenous culture.

They took the children from their families and send them to church or non- Indigenous adopted them. Most of those kids were mixed-heritage as they believed these children would grow up to have kids with non- Indigenous person. In this way, Indigenous culture, languages and identities would gradually disappear. According to the research on the earth.

olr it tends to believe that those kids were taken from the families so they could have a better life and be able to go to school. However, that was not the issue because most of those kids were forced to work from a young age. Another social injustice was they have to ask permission from the government to get married which is sad. Also, they didn’t any privilege of voting in the country.During this time Jack Patten, the first president of the Aborigines, William Cooper, secretary for the Australian Aborigines League and William Ferguson, founder of the APA decided to create a movement that would help to bring the equality to the country.

Their aim was to give the Aboriginals people full citizenship, access to education, health, and having the ability to work. Also, allowing Indigenous people to own property have their own bank account and are given retirement fund.