Interview and she felt that she matured because

Interview NarrativeThe person I interviewed was my mother, Lissa Ezell. She attended college at McNeese State University when she was twenty, and got her Bachelor’s degree there. She came off as a very kind, real woman on the surface, but I knew that that was amplified tenfold on the inside. When asked why she studied healthcare, she said it was because “she liked helping people”. During our interview, she was playful, confident and kind, lowering the professionalism of the interview and helping it flow. Her favorite part about going to college was being independent and on her own, and she felt that she matured because she had to handle a job and take care of herself.

Lissa believes that she became “more responsible and self-sufficient” while she was in school because of this. She stayed motivated because she wanted to finish what she started and she wanted a better income at the end of her education experience. She had a very good support system with many close friends. They were there for her when she needed them and they motivated her. When asked about her social life, Lissa said that she was past partying because she had done it during high school and she was older. She prioritized her education over her social life in college.

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She thinks that the people in college “were more mature and open-minded” than people in high school.