Increase use it to share photos that

Increase in leads and tags:
When it comes to buying more Instagram likes, it’s very important to hire professional and trusted social media marketing companies to bring in more targeted people. Those websites that have a large number of quality preferences on Instagram have increased the chances of building more leads and conversions, ultimately leading to increased sales.
Promote your brand / product / service:
Use Instagram to promote your products / services. Also, use it to share photos that include your company’s advertising if your business is sure to get more likes. This will help to increase the popularity of your website in a big way.
Business profile can be damage

That’s a contradictory topic in the church. But here is what is said.
Many people have recognized the risks of switching to a business profile. When you switch to a business profile, you’re signaling on Instagram that you’re a business. Companies are the bread and butter of Instagram (and its parent company, Facebook). Remember, when Facebook made pages “organic search nonexistent in 2007?
It’s only natural that Instagram wants us to pay to get more engagement (likes). Why should we get all the benefits of a business account (Instagram Analytics & Contact Buttons) for free? Think about it.
So if you switch to an Instagram business profile, you could see a decline in engagement.
As we said earlier, it’s still possible to rock your business page, but it could take more time to gain traction.
Read here: Do not switch to Instagram business profile before reading this.
Weigh the pros and cons and make the best decision for you and your company.
Find people who follow:
Instagram lets you know which of your Twitter and Facebook friends you’re using and easily launches to follow you. There is also an “invite friends” feature, but it simply references your address book. The rest is up to you. Instagram will also suggest users, if you like.
My two favorite ways to find people to follow are:
1. the popular page
2. see who leaves interesting comments on pictures that I like
The popular page shows you which photos currently have the most likes. You will inevitably find 2 cat pictures, 3 sunsets and 4 with really amazing lines (people seem to like symmetry). You can click on any photo on the popular page and see all the other photos posted by that person and many times you will want to follow. It takes a lot of followers to land on the popular site, so you’re usually pretty good photographer.
From there, I could look at the photos of some of the people who leave comments that I think are a) funny or b) similar to mine. Follow in May.
I also tend to look at photos of people with interesting usernames like ‘kyotosong’ or ‘lioness_in_maui’. In general, Instagram is not about promoting your personal brand.
But you’ll find some superstars when you consider tech geeks as superstars. Scobleizer and Paris Lemon have accounts, as do Twitter founders Jack Dorsey and EV Williams.
And one must follow is NPR – amazing photos. National Geographic appeared on Instagram but still needs to upload a photo. However, they take notes on what you would like to see.

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