In about Marijuana is very debatable, thus making

In today’s society, when people tend to think about marijuana, they think about the upcoming date that’s coming in 2018 about the legalization of this drug. What majority of the people in Canada don’t know about marijuana is that it has many health risks to the young teenagers across Canada. Marijuana can have a negative impact on young users who use this drug. The information we hear about Marijuana is very debatable, thus making it hard to understand the ways it affect teenagers.

Even though this drug is a controlled substance in Canada, it will soon be legal to grow, sell, this drug. Even if you don’t Like it or not, some day your child will probably happen to try marijuana.  Many Canadian teens are twice as likely to smoke Marijuana. (Government of Canada). I personally think marijuana came a long way from the past, but it does need to set key rules and regulations to keep it out of children reach.

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This drug for sure has many benefit for medical purpose, but it has become a major part of Canada’s youth culture. The young teens who use this drug has shown bad results in the functional behavior of the brain such as verbal and communication skills, effecting the structure of the brain, and defecting the brain during development.In this generation, it is proven that marijuana does slow your thinking and impairs your movements. Those effects can last for many hours after the high wears off.

But, esaippelyy for young teenagers, many studies around the world have shown that this causes the right side of the brain to slow down, which is responsible for communication and many other things such as attention span, social behavior, and hyperactivity. Some researchers have also said that, major key factor play a role on this such as peer pressure. Also during puberty, the brain goes through a huge growth, mostly in the rich branching of connections in the brain cells This growth last until the mid 20’s, and effecting this growth can have massive impact on a young teenager.

Also another studies shows that many male user at this age experience a decrease in their testosterone level and sperm count. This drug is being smoked by today’s teenagers, and is at a all time hight right now. The mind and Bodie of a teen who smoke regularly at this young age around 14-17, does face some sort of developing issues on the right side of the brain, which is of main reasons why we need to keep this out of teenagers hand.