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In the corner of the room where an object sits on a stand, is a pair of chopsticks. This chopstick is not an ordinary one that a person buys from a store only for a few dollars. The chopsticks in Korean culture made of metal. Koreans use the idea of metal was a standard way like the king. Pass down through many generations, this pair of chopsticks represents my families culture and tradition.

It’s not easy to use Korean chopsticks that made of metal, unlike Japanese and Chinese chopsticks. First timers will have a hard time using metal chopsticks. The difference between Asian countries is that Japanese and Chinese made of a natural material called wood.

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Korean chopsticks are not easy to handle since they are flat and slippery. Why did the Koreans make it metal? Well, Korean chopsticks in the early times made of pure silver for the king. Why? The reason for is silver can change color if it detects poison. In royalty will use silver chopsticks to identify poison if someone is trying to kill them. They do not show off their chopsticks because it looks fancy.

Since silver was out of the question in later years, Korean people decided they should use metal instead. They believed that metal chopsticks are easier to clean and have more hygienic than wood materials. In my house, my family never buy wooden chopsticks. It seems like a hassle to deal with since it can contaminate on wood and not on metal.