In are the rapidly increasing human population,

In recent years, it has become an inevitable fact that there are serious threats to food resources. Mankind has found some results by investigating the source of these problems. The main problems are the rapidly increasing human population, climate change such as global warming. Due to these problems, there are difficulties in finding adequate food, and therefore various ways are being sought to solve the problems. This essay will identify the problems, explain the solutions and evaluate the applications.

There has been a population explosion in the world in recent years. The main problem facing the world and causing insufficient food is the excessive increase of the population. Slaght (2012) has reported that the world population will be about 9 billion by 2050 and about 3 billion people will be faced with undernutrition. This imbalance will increase even further between developed and undeveloped countries. It is a fact that global warming is a direct or indirect effect of these problems.

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Due to global warming many food sources disappear or decrease. Global warming causes great damage to water scarcity and therefore agricultural activities. On the other hand, In conclusion world food sources are under serious threats such as rapidly increasing population, global warming and human activities.