In business analyst should know to initiate the

In business world Business Analyst is a debatable discussion from a long time like what are the responsibilities of a business analyst, what capabilities are required as a good business analyst, what techniques should a business analyst know to understand the business process, how a BA can affect on the performance of a business, still there are no specific definition and characteristics of a business analyst. And every organization has different definition, roles and responsibilities for the business analyst.In my words, A Business analyst is gap filler between the organization and their stakeholders because many organizations and their processes fail due to miscommunication in between them. Startup companies (like Beepi and Quixey (Burns.M, 2017)) are most affected by this factor because they do not implement the stakeholders’ requirements as they want and not have clear vision and strategies.

Here, a good business analyst is required with good domain knowledge, clear vision and strategies.Through this report I have tried to explain the role of a business analyst and what competencies the business analyst required to understand the situation of a company and what strategies the business analyst should know to initiate the analysis of an organization.

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