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In ancient times, people’s way of communication is to rely on the roar, and the mode of transportation is walk; all the tools are also very simple; the hunting tools are polished stoes, or some of the net made by rattan, and food cannot be saved for long time; it can be said that ancient humans had to live in groups because they were incapable of protecting themselves and taking care of themselves.With the changing times, people’s tool become more useful and more full of high-tech feeling; TV allow people to learn about the world without leaving home; refrigerators allow food to be stored for longer time; computers saved people a lot of time, which means people don’t need to go to the library; the network lets people play games or chat with friends from different places. The technology improve the development of the world economically, culturally, and socially. The benefit created by development of technology can improve the economy of the world. First, the technology can promote the export and impact rate effectively. For example, The adoption of new technologies is very important to all the countries.

The first technology is the Internet because it can enabling information to be delivered as quickly as possible, and making it easier for companies to adapt to changing of environments. Second, the export of high-tech and medium-tech products illustrates the country’s level of specialization in technology-intensive goods. The other two indicators measure the spread of old innovations, namely the number of telephone and electricity consumption, which are very important because it is necessary to use new technologies in basic related activities (Haveman, 2006, p.

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9).The sources show that the developing of the technology can promote economic development, so it is the most revolutionary factor for import and export trade. With the development of technology, people start to possess more highly efficient transport machine, such as: plane, car, and cargo ship. All the transport company competition depends on transport tool, that means which company scientific and technological level can hold more goods, low price and shorten the haulage time to own more change to get the consumer.

The second benefit that technology can bring is solve the economic of the developing countries, especially financial services, such as online bank in phone. For instance: Technology also can improve the economies of developing countries. When the people make business deal in online bank, it means the financial services can reduce the poverty, which is reduce the pressure for real bank and that is the importance of using mobile phones and the Internet to educate savings. In addition, according to a World Bank survey data, the number of adults who did not join in the bank decrease 20 percent during 2011 to 2014. On the other side, the ownership in the account increased 13% by mobile banking. (Deanna, 2017) This sources can prove that the technology makes improvements of the people who live in the developing country and the technology is start to making a big impact on economy of the developing countries. Phone’s app appear can let people solve their economic problem and let them enjoy the service that technology bring; these tools can be spread very fast in worldwide and then ultimately help developing countries evolution.

All in all, technology not only can increase the rate of export and impact, but also can let more people to possess the financial services.