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In 1945, the Green Revolution began and introduced newly highly developed technologies of scientifically bred crops throughout the world. The Green Revolution was mostly caused by the need to eliminate poverty and hunger worldwide because it was a serious issue that was affecting communities all around. The Green Revolution had many consequences such as the improvement of social ethic groups, increase in economical development, and environmental improvement.To begin with, the Green Revolution was caused by poverty decline and the lack of food provided to the communities, which led to starvation. In document one, Dr.

Norman Borlaug clearly states that the Green Revolution was a miracle to the unfortunate because its technologies provided by it helped solve and prevent hunger & poverty worldwide, which is a grave issue that could have led to the downfall of the countries. The intended audience for this document was for any fellow scientist, and the purpose for writing the document was to demonstrate that the constant need to eliminate hunger and poverty led to the need of the Green Revolution because it provided many technologies that can solve the problem.

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