Imagine amount of pain that animals go through

Imagine you were the one going through the amount of pain that animals go through every day, the one who’s arms, legs, hair and skin are being torn off every second.

Imagine this happening to you for the use of other species. Doesn’t sound fun does it? Good morning/afternoon Miss Goodall and fellow students. What is animal cruelty you may ask. Cruelty to animals is the infliction by omission or by commision by humans or suffering and harm upon any non-human animal, regardless of whether the act is against the law. The key words in the definition are non-human suffering caused by humans.

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Why should animals, who just like humans, breathe, have a skin, hair, arms and legs and have a heart that beats every second just like us humans, go through the amount of pain, suffering and death just for the use of us entertainment of humans. According to PETA “Approximately 100 million animals die and suffer each year in cruel chemical, drug, food, and cosmetic tests, biology lessons, medical training exercises and curiosity-driven medical experiments”. Can you just imagine your animal buddy, whether it be a dog, cat, rabbit, or mouse or even your favourite type of animal, getting its skin and hair being peeled off it right in front of you, it crying for your help and you just having to sit there in front of it and not being able to help.

If this is happening all around the world does that mean we are all just as bad as a murderer sitting in jail? Humans seem to think that we are superior to every other living organism on the planet. The next time you go to the shops and you see lipstick, mascara or perfume on the shelf, I want you to think of those poor animals who are locked up in a little cage hoping that they won’t be the unlucky one that is picked next. Squalene. This particular word sounds gross doesn’t it? Well if you don’t think that it sound goss yet then keep listening, Squalene is an ingredient mainly used in eye makeups and lipsticks extracted from the liver of a shark. That’s right I said Shark.

Ambergris is another weird sounding word, but disgustingly enough it is made out if the waxy oil that lines whales stomachs. This particular substance can be found in perfumes and is used to make the scent ‘set’ in the perfume. These are only just some of the disgusting and disturbing ways that we humans are using animals for heartbreaking, unnecessary research and entertainment. Hence animal cruelty must and will be stopped by not just me myself and I, but by all of us together as a group.