I really enjoyed watching the inspirational video about

I really enjoyed watching the inspirational video about David and the struggles in life that he had and so many others today. But he never gave up and his story is a real inspiration about a single parent who did whatever it took to survive to make a better life for himself and his family. To me David’s situation felt like a conation action. He acted and he was determined to finish what he started so his family could have a more stable life. My situation can relate to David’s because as a parent you always want to provide the kind of life you never had.

I know my parents did the best they could in providing for us. I come from a large family and being the youngest out of six kids I was the baby of the family. I think thats why I have that fight in me like David. I work hard and I try my best to give my kids the world.

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But I know I have to be realistic that I can’t give them everything they want. Growing up I had this dream of playing college basketball. I was young and cocky but man could I ball.

So I started training real hard and preparing my self to walk on at the University of New Mexico. But before my dream could come true I tore my ACL in my right knee and saw my dreams fade away right before my eyes. I know that tearing an ACL is not he end of the world, but my knee was never the same. Yes, I could still ball but I felt I could not leap like I once did and lost that cockiness that I once had. I started doubting my self and just got into this funk and didn’t want to do anything but sit on my couch and watch television.

I would start some college classes but something would happen and I would drop the class for some reason. Then one day I remember my dad trying to persuade me to join the military, since I was just wasting away all the potential I had. So I went back and forth in my head if I could see myself being in the military. So I had my dad trying to get me to go Navy “since he was in the Navy” and then you had my brother who was in the Army, but he told to join the “Air Force”.

This is the point when my life changed for the better. I decided to join the Air Force and take that leap of faith to change my life for the better. So 17 years later and I am still in the Air Force and three years I can retire to pursue another career. Being in the military I met my wife in and we have two beautiful daughters. Life wasn’t always easy but we fought hard and still going strong.

The lesson that I learned from this life experience is that you can be down but you can get back up an succeed in anything you put your mind to it. Yes, I did not become that basketball player I thought I would be but life takes you in different directions sometimes and you have to be ready for whatever happens next. I did become a man, husband and father within that 17 years and would not change anything. It made me stronger and tough minded that I could accomplish anything in front of me.