I my knowledge in this profession, I am

I have gained some exposure in my

current role, but there are something’s I need to gain experience and train before I am able to

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advance in the Human Resource role that I attend to accomplish with the help of my studies at

Walden. The resources and programs that Walden offer in Human Resources can help increase

my knowledge in this profession, I am positive that I will learn and positive that I will be

successful with all of the resources I am able to obtain form Walden. I hope soon I will be able to

start my professional goal in Human resources and I know that Walden will bestow on making me

successful. At Walden there are students from all over that will be able to assist with support

along with faculty and staff member to push and provide guidance to make sure that I along with

my classmates become successful.

My goal to assure that I become a scholar-practitioner is to never settle and my main goal
is to soon become a successful leader. Please view for clarity. To become an agent of change
one should know that nothing is handed to you, you have to work hard, have patience, and
commit to working hard. Experience and skills are some of the things a good leader must have, as
you also need to possess the right attitude and values to successfully lead a group (Karrera, 2017).