I governmental records by connecting 9 urban

I have been leading a network and central database project sponsored by Dire Dawa Administration in 2012.

The aim was to establish central database system and archive governmental records by connecting 9 urban kebeles and 11 public institutions. At the beginning, it was very difficult to have a budget for this project, until I defend the project and explaining the benefits by showing the difficulties that the City Administration faces due to lack of modern information management system. After convincing them the budget was permitted and I am assigned to lead the project. First, I select 5 higher experts as technical committee which have had high experience from different institution, to monitor and report the progress of the project. As a project leader, I plan and discuss with the technical committee and the consultancy organization to have a meeting in every 15 days on the progress of the project. I was responsible to every challenges throughout the project life time and work as a bridge between the higher officials and technical committee. Finally, the project completed successfully and it achieved the intended goal.

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My next experience I would like to share is when I supervise 34 public organizations on the implementation of reform tools, like BSC (Balanced Scorecard), BPR (Business Re-Engineering) and Kaizen. During my supervision, I was observed that most of the employees do not believe this reform tools for the betterment of service delivery and customer satisfaction. So, I design short term training for the employees and encourage them to identify and discuss on the challenges that hinder the implementation process. Besides, I prepare a meeting to all 34 public organizations officials lead by the Mayor of the City.

The meeting was all about give direction on how they lead the reform with their full capacities and commitment. Finally, I prepare monitoring and evaluation schedule and begun consulting the organizations and their employees by convinces them small change can bring big difference in service delivery and they inspired to implement reform principles and participate in problem solution process. Lastly, I have the opportunities to become the person in charge to lead the research project entitled “An Assessments of customer satisfaction and service delivery in public organization of Dire Dawa City Administration” starting from proposal writing I lead four of my research team.

Most of the team have afraid to collect data from rural areas due to difference in culture, religion and language we have. I convince the team to select data collectors from the community leaders by giving them short training. Finally, I and my team conduct the research successfully and prepare implementation strategies drown from the findings. To sum up, leaders create chances to change their society and country, influences a group towards the goal achievement to refine life quality. I’m strongly believe that being a Chevening scholar will further improve my leadership and influencing skills, so that on returning to my country I can serve in a better capacity.