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I hate to admit it, but I haven’t been particularly great about keeping fresh fruit in the house lately. While I read this article I noticed that me and my family have been storing our fruit wrong. We put it in a bowl which is a ceramic bowl and when we do that our fruit after several days it starts getting little black spots and we say why do our bananas or apples, strawberries, our fruit get black spots. Well while I read this article it appears that we haven’t been storing our food correctly because we have been putting it in a ceramic bowl. It also has to do with the air circulation it is better for you too put it in something so the gases of the fruits can escape into the air.

Room temperature also deals with fruit because your fruits not only have to be refrigerated but there is some fruits that can be refrigerated and some that don’t for example: fruits and berries that have been cut, are the only ones that require refrigerating. Apparently using a ceramic bowl doesn’t allow for enough air circulation which makes the fruit go bad more quicker. I was interested in this because our fruit goes bad fast because we don’t put it in the right bowl so it can be fresher.

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