I to understand the importance of things

I graduated form high school a few years ago, and I still remember the activities that I was involved. I had participated in music, athletic, and volunteer activities.

The one that I want to apart from others is working on a voluntary activity. For the first time a foundation called “Save the Children” cooperated with my school to help children in need, orphans, and children with disability. The primary goal of this foundation was to collect money, and with this money to purchase things that children need. I have more than four years working there. It was a positive experience that had changed my life.

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Being approach with kids who were hungry, and their parents could not buy food for them, or kids who have dreams, kids who want to play, go at school, but could not because of their disability, made me to reflect about life, and to understand the importance of things that we have in life. Today I see things in another aspect, for example if I see a person in the street with a sign that says homeless I do not think “okay that is your problem go find a job and buy a house”. I stop my car and ask why he/she is in this condition, what can we do to help him/her. Working on this activity made me not only a better person, but also helped me to get more friends, because I was all the time in contact with people who were interested to give their financial assistance for these kids, and some of them are now my best friends.

I am still focusing on this activity even it is so hard for me because of the distance. Working on this activity is the best thing that I have ever done in my life because there is nothing more beautiful that to help innocent children who seek help, and to see smile and glitter in their eyes.