I clothing line should be called Superme

I decided to do my research on Serena Williams. She is part of the athletic field and has done a great deal with organizations and to positively impact her community. Serena Williams is an African American professional tennis player. She is Saginaw, Michigan but currently resides in Palm Beach Gardens Florida. Up-to-date she has won 14 Grand Slam doubles titles and she played each of them alongside sister Venus Williams who is a well known professional tennis player.I have chosen Serena Williams because she has put into multiple charities, funds, and organizations that she has brought about with her highly publicized esteem and fame.

Along with the charities, funds, and organizations, she is a proud supporter of embracing body types. She has a very strong, yet curvy physique and she embraces and loves it completely telling her fans to be happy with their looks as well. As a random tidbit, she has recently put out a full clothing line. Serena Williams decided the clothing line should be called Superme and it’s majority large and fitted apparel and denim and it is quite expensive but looks very comfortable.

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On the table along with being an unbelievable athlete, she has some statistics that are quite awe-inspiring. Along with her having 14 Grand Slam doubles titles along with her sister she has also received dozens of single double and mixed doubles titles in her current career. She is currently obtained the number one ranked in the singles on more than one occasion. Not only does she have a heavy ranking athletic career she has a variety of Foundations and Charities that she supports fully.

Just a few of them include the Justice Initiative, an organization that assists prisoners and defendants who have been denied fair treatment by the current legal system. Caliber Foundation which assists families and people with rehabilitation, who are victims of gun violence dealing with you legal weapons or illegal carriers. She also holds this specific foundation closely because she lost her sister to this gun violence dealing with illegal guns.One organization she has helped fund that I feel is incredibly important is called The purple purse Foundation. If I’m not mistaken this is the foundation that she and the Allstate Foundation have brought to the public’s attention about domestic violence. But it’s specifically the domestic abuse that you physically see; Financial abuse is also a form of domestic violence.

She is a fantastic athlete, she is still part of the recreation and leisure but she is also an advocate for multiples organizations and charities.