I should I say figures they all

I crouched through the underbrush the radstag was right in front of me. It was originally a normal buck but ever since the bombs dropped everything’s been irradiated. The stag had grown another head and has lost all of its fur. It may look ugly but it’s the fattest animal besides brahmin. And I would have to raid a village to get even one of the cows. I raised my gun and aimed for one of its two heads its ears pricked and it ran. “Shoot” whoever cost me my kill was going to pay.

I stood up and heard a gasp I turned and saw a silhouette in the bushes. ” I know you’re there and you just cost me my kill, so I suggest you stand up before I chuck a Molotov in your face.” the figure stood up or should I say figures they all had looks of horror on their faces It was three men about 5’10 so one foot shorter than me.”Don’t shoot please we didn’t mean to we just escaped the super mutants.” I grabbed my gun “did they follow you?” I looked at the horizon looking for signs of life nothing “no we lost them a while ago.” I put my gun back in my holster “follow me.”They looked at me a confused expression on her face “do you want shelter or what.” they looked at the ground contemplating they looked up and began to follow.

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“Names?” they looked up we had walked for at least 2 miles “oh I’m Mark this is Jack and that’s Ethan.” I turned to look at him “Scarlet.” they looked at me with confusion I rolled my eyes in annoyance “my name is Scarlet.” Ethan who had looked at the ground until now looks up at the horizon looking into the sunset. The sky did show the same colors as a sunset before the bombs but it appeared more washed out and brighter most likely due to the atmosphere being affected when the bombs fell sure it wasn’t as pretty but it was still a sunset

Ethan closed his eyes and took a deep breath I took a closer look at his shirt his sleeve looked to be stained with blood justifying the fact they had been attacked I saw a black substance in my peripherals I looked over and on his arm sure enough a black liquid running down his arm I stopped walking and stepped towards Ethan he looked up at me and stepped back almost tripping “woah calm down it’s okay just let me see your arm.”

He looked at me then to his arm and back jack stepped in-between me and Ethan “what’s wrong with his arm?” I sighed “did you not see the black stuff dripping from his arm.” I moved him out of the way and slowly stepped towards Ethan as to not startle him “can you roll up your sleeve?” he nodded and rolled up his sleeve my eyes widened and I took a step back “oh god.” I whispered under my breath

a huge bite wound on Ethan’s shoulder was dripping with black ooze “oh no.” I looked into Ethan’s eyes “Ethan I need you to be completely honest with me when you were escaping the super mutants did you get bit by a mutant hound?”He nodded “okay here’s the plan were almost back to my shelter we need to make sure that this does not spread more than it has but how?” I got an Idea I ripped of one of the sleeves from my jacket and wrapped it around Ethan’s shoulder acting as a makeshift tourniquet. “Okay now one of the side effects from a mutant mound bite is weakness in the limbs so if you get tired Ethan you tell us okay?” he nods “because it goes as follows you get weakness in the limbs and then you start to get dizzy and you focus so much on walking you don’t realize your passing out and you pass out and then you have an almost certain chance of losing limb function.”

We continued walking as we approached a forest I found the nearest tree and pulled one of the branches Jack looked at me like I was an idiot but I continued the secret panel opened as I turned the wheel and climbed down the ladder. Mark, Ethan, and Jack soon followed “Ethan sit down over there.” I pointed towards a bench that was by the ladder. He sat down and I walked over to the metal cabinet and I opened it I grabbed the blood bag and hung it on a hook above the bench. I took a syringe and filled it with penicillin and injected into the blood bag I grabbed a cotton ball and soaked it into some rubbing alcohol and I cleaned Ethan’s arm with it. I grabbed the needle from the blood bag I turned towards Ethan needle in hand and grabbed his arm he looked at me with fear in his eyes “Oh hush it’s gonna be fine” Jack piped up”Hey your not the one that’s getting a needle in there arm.” I laughed softly and removed my jacket revealing my arms which had been covered in scars from not only animal bites and claw marks but also sword slashes from previous battles “Woh!” mark responded I looked towards jack and said “I wouldn’t be afraid of a needle.” with that I stuck the needle into Ethan’s arm he winced but not badly I saw tears forming in the corners of his eyes I rolled my eyes and threw him a towel god how can he be this much of a wimp.

“Hey scarlet did you get any good shit while you were ou-” Dan walked through the doorway and stared at the three men before him “Who are they?” he looked at me demanding an explanation “they were attacked by super mutants and I brought them here for shelter.” I responded I walked back over to ethan hydrogen peroxide in hand and dumped it onto the bite wound the peroxide did it’s job bubbling away once it stopped I did it again repeating this process until it stopped I rinsed the wound with water and the wound turned pink seeing as all of the venom had been washed out of it I then wrapped it with gauze “move your arm as little as possible ok?”

I walked away before he could answer and I walked over to danny “and yes I got good shit.” I said mimicking his voice he breathed in deeply “okay first of all I do not sound like that secondly shut the fuck up.” I laughed and took my backpack off of my back and onto the bench next to Ethan “okay now where did i put- ha!”