I my leadership characteristics. Ten anonymous people

I carried out an online survey using Qualtrics as the survey tool to assess my leadership characteristics. Ten anonymous people took part in the survey. The descriptors presented for the different leadership traits surveyed include: strongly agree, agree, somewhat agree, neither agree nor disagree, and somewhat disagree. The leadership qualities rated in the survey are honesty, multi-tasker, confident, influential, respectful, good listener, excellent communicator, kind, generous, decision-maker, wise, smart, courage, motivator, integrity, optimistic, patient, ethical, humility and trustworthy. From the ratings, all respondents neither agree nor disagree that as a leader I am honest, wise, and a decision-maker. Nine out of ten of the respondents somewhat agree that I can multi-task and optimistic. Eight out of ten of the respondents agree that I am a leader who is confident, influential, smart, able to communicate, and humble. Seven out of ten of the respondents disagree that I am a respectful, a good listener, and kind leader. Eight out of ten of the respondents strongly disagree that I am a generous, patient, trustworthy, and ethical leader. Nine out of the ten respondents also neither disagree nor agree that as a leader, I am courageous, integral and able to motivate.
I appreciate the honest opinion relayed by the respondents. The information has enabled me to undergo a self-realization process. Sometimes acting in my capacity as a leader, I have understood that the data from those I serve can help me improve my leadership to the people. I was surprised by the ratings given that as a leader I do not adhere to the ethical principles as required and the fact that I am not a generous leader. Before the scores, I was confident that I was adhering to the moral laws. I also thought of myself as a noble leader because I mostly commit myself to serve others. I have always believed that I am an influential, confident and an excellent communicator. I am glad the respondents confirmed that. Based on the results, I’ll have to consult more and improve on my weaknesses as a leader.

A combination of personal and professional priorities currently dominate my life. Top on my priority list is my health. Without good health, it will be difficult to achieve my goals. My second priority is relationships. The relationships I have with my family and friends enhance my daily living as they share with me in the different vital phases of my life. The third priority in my life is financial stability. It is essential for me to work hard and live a financially stable life. My fourth priority is building up my career. I want to have a successful career. The fifth important priority in my life is spirituality. It is important that I build my relationship with God.

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There are five important things I am most thankful for. I am grateful for the good health. I have not been diagnosed with any major life-threatening diseases. Secondly, I am pleased that I have a loving and supportive family. Third, I am pursuing a career of my choice. I have a passion for the job I have chosen. I am grateful that I have a home and a roof over my head. Lastly, I can be able to meet my daily needs and still have money to spare, for this, am grateful.

The top five goals in my life are a combination of personal and professional goals. My first priority is to start up my own business that will provide employment opportunities and a sustainable income. Secondly, I purpose to build my dream house. My third goal is to live a debt-free life. My fourth goal is going on my dream vacation. My fifth goal in life is to have a family of my own.
My Mission Statement is to be an influential person in my community and make a positive impact despite my shortcomings. The top four guiding principles in the attainment of my mission statement are leadership, stewardship, courage, and respect. In Leadership, I will take it upon myself to empower others so that they can reach their full potential. I will be a good steward by using my position and resources allocated to me for the benefit of others and deliver results. I will courageously stand up for what is right no matter what the majority might agree to. Respect as a guiding principle means that I will treat others with dignity, in the way I would desire to be treated.