Human of Pakistan the challenging routes are nursing

Human resource is a basic pillar to strengthen health system 1.

Mainly nursing staff andtheir continuous efforts towards patient care are significant in improving health care system.In terms of Pakistan the challenging routes are nursing education and training 1,2 that isconsider as least and thus it affects the work efficacy and critical thinking of nurses.Ultimately that is less evidently visualized in patient care satisfaction and overall healthsystems are impacted to a greater extent. For that purpose it is necessary to highlight theissues in nursing education system in Pakistan that hinders quality of nursing professionals.The most important issue is of minimal education that is matriculation or secondaryschool certificate. Many schools in Pakistan provide Nursing three year diploma on basis ofon passing 10th grade.

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A tenth grader, who is young and naïve to understand the integrities ofhealth care system and patient quality care opts for nursing diploma. Where these studentsundergo minimal training and basic educational study only. This situation doesn’t empowersthem to build pathological mechanisms and critical thinking related to patient care thusimpacting healthcare systems through decreased patient satisfaction 2.The major gap between clinical and theoretical concepts is another challenge tonursing education and training in Pakistan.

Primarily, there is not such ritual following ofcurriculum and almost every school of nursing in Pakistan has their own system of studyexpect few quality schools. Secondly, this curriculum has high distribution of subjects andcredit hours which directly have no connection to nursing care at clinical level. The conceptClick here to download Manuscript HSPR.docxin educational hours are related to diagnostic relations of patients disease and pathogenesis,while in the system of Pakistan the hospital runs where majority of the tasks completed bynurses are following of physicians’ order or suggestions 3.

A study revealed regarding common visits of nurses to neurologists and psychiatristsrelated to burnout and stress. These stressors are long working hours, shift duties, poorquality of life, work load and decreased social life 4. Thus, this stressor brings a hugeimpact of work and functioning of nurses, where patient can’t receive quality attention athospital. Nurses emphasis on completing tasks rather practicing a client centred approach, inthis situation.

This decreases patient satisfaction and prolongs hospital stay and expenses 5.Relocating health systems in Pakistan requires basic level fixing of nursing educationand training. In this regard, educational systems of nursing need to be stronger and powerful.Intermediate should be maximum level of admission and nursing should be a bachelorsprogram with degree. Theoretical and clinical principals shouldn’t have huge differentiationand roles of clinical nurses should be strengthening to bring a positive clinical system fornursing students. Burden of nursing staff should be minimized with better growthopportunities within the work place and more qualified nurses should be added in work place.

Lastly, image of nursing is a required agenda in Pakistan to improve status of nursing andgetting maximum impact from their qualities. This will surely improve an overall healthsystem in Pakistan that requires huge improvement currently.