How as our office?Diversity in the workplace refers

How to manage diversity in workplace?Good morning everyone.Today I want to talk about how we can manan the workplaceut how we can mange diversity i ge diversity in the workplace ? First I want to tell what is the meaning of diversity in the workplace such as our office?Diversity in the workplace refers to a range of differences between individuals in an working place.Diversity is not only about how the workers explained themselves but also it depends on how others perceived them.Diversity in workplace varied from many aspects such as race,religion,age groups,gender,mental and physical abilities as well as other significant differences among the employees.There are many advantages for having a diverse workplace.For example our workplace able to organize international,national,regional and local markets since we have a diverse workplace.So how can we manage diversity in our workplace?One of the important point that I would like to emphasize here is we should prioritize communication among the co-workers.To manage a diversity in workplace we need to ensure that the employees communicate effectively with each other .By communicating with each other we can actually overcome our language and cultural barriers.The more we communicate with other employees we can understand their nature and able to act accordingly to them.This process will improve understanding among the workers as well as break the barriers among us and will create a environment friendly workplace.Next is we should respect each employee as an individual first.As a normal human we will always judge the people based on their appearance and backgrounds even though we know that we shouldn’t do it.So that we should avoid making assumptions about the co –workers based on their looks.We should respect them as normal individual who have problems in their daily life as us .We should judge their successes and failures based on the individuals merit rather than criticizing them based on their diversities such as gender.That’s all for today my dear friends.Have a good day everyone.I hope that we can continueosly work peacefully in this diverse environment.Thank you for listening to me today friends.